Author's Note
Frances Dee, Donald O'Connor and Donald Cook in PATRICK THE GREAT (1945)

If there seems to be something familiar about this site, perhaps it is because Remembering Frances Dee is the successor to another site I had done, titled Frances Dee - A Tribute. It had debuted in January of 2005, and closed in February 2007, but as you can see, its end was not brought about by a loss of interest.

Both sites have been aided by many people giving generously of their time, their knowledge and of their collections. Peter McCrea has answered a great many questions, put to him one by one through e-mail or several at a time in interview—and he helped edit the interview himself! He also made for a very happy Christmas by sending recordings of Frances' last film, Far as the Eye Can See, and of her appearance at Tufts University in 2003. I am deeply grateful.

David Guss, the man behind the Somerville tribute, is also the man behind my section about it, providing photos, information and, nicest of all, praise for the finished product.

Special thanks to several others who have given encouragement and more: Deborah Wakid, Fernando Silva, prizzlesprung, Yoshiko Takahashi, Blackie Seymour, Everett, Christina Rice, Dan Schwartz, Jerry Murbach, Erik Weems and Don Spears.

Remembering Frances Dee is a non-profit web site composed in tribute; it is also meant as a place of learning. The photos within this web site are from the private collections of David Guss, Peter McCrea, prizzlesprung and myself. Several from the archives of Pentagram Library appear with the permission of Blackie Seymour. I ask that all of the photos remain exclusive to Remembering Frances Dee.

If you have any information about Frances, or photos that you would like to share, I could certainly use your help. In that same vein, if you notice any typos or other elements within this site that need fixing, or if you have any questions, please do contact me.

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