Special Features
Jack Oakie and Frances Dee in JUNE MOON (1931).
Bussed by Jack Oakie in publicity for June Moon (1931).
Photo from Pentagram Library.
An Interview with Peter McCrea
Peter McCrea, Frances' youngest son, shares memories of his parents, and stories of his growing-up years in an interview conducted by this site's author in October 2005.
Dee on DVD...
See which of Frances' films have been officially released on DVD, VHS and via online video; and learn what can be done to encourage further releases.
Far as the Eye Can See
The short subject Far as the Eye Can See, filmed in 1999 and released in 2006, was Frances' last acting endeavor.
Tribute in Somerville
...where a 94-year old Frances was honored in 2003. Thanks to David Guss and Peter McCrea, we have photographs and an account of the event.
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