In the Movies

Frances Dee first appeared in the movies when, for a lark, she joined the company of Fox's college musical Words and Music in 1929. She found work playing bit parts, and sometimes just decorating the background, in several Paramount productions throughout 1930. Then a leading lady role in Playboy of Paris placed her in the foreground, and there she remained, working at every major studio in Hollywood, until choosing to retire from the screen in the mid-1950s.

Extra & Bit Parts
Some of Frances' earliest film appearances are difficult to track down. Until it can be done, this list will include only the appearances that have been confirmed.
1929 Words and Music
1930 A Man from Wyoming
1930 Monte Carlo
1930 Follow Thru
1930s films

1930 Playboy of Paris
1930 Along Came Youth
1931 June Moon
1931 Caught
1931 An American Tragedy
1931 Rich Man's Folly
1931 Nice Women
1931 Working Girls
1932 This Reckless Age
1932 Love is a Racket
1932 The Strange Case of Clara Deane
1932 The Night of June 13th
1932 If I Had a Million
1933 King of the Jungle
1933 The Silver Cord
1933 Crime of the Century
1933 Headline Shooter
1933 One Man's Journey
1933 Little Women
1933 Blood Money
1934 Keep 'Em Rolling
1934 Coming-Out Party
1934 Finishing School
1934 Of Human Bondage
1935 Becky Sharp
1935 The Gay Deception
1936 Half Angel
1937 Souls at Sea
1937 Wells Fargo
1938 If I Were King
1939 Coast Guard

1940s films

1941 So Ends Our Night
1941 A Man Betrayed
(aka Wheel of Fortune)
1942 Meet the Stewarts
1943 I Walked with a Zombie
1943 Happy Land
1945 Patrick the Great
1947 The Private Affairs of Bel Ami
1948 Four Faces West

1950s films

1951 Payment on Demand
1951 Reunion in Reno
1952 Because of You
1953 Mister Scoutmaster
1954 Gypsy Colt

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